Q: What if I cant make the scheduled days to the studio Zack requested.

A: If you miss days that are mentioned on the program, go when you can.

Q: How much experience should I have for the this program? 

A: You need no experience. This can be your very first time running. 

Q: Will I be able to talk to Zack during the 6 week program?

A: Zack will be your guide and coach through it all. You will be able to reach him whenever you like.

Q: What If I get injured and cant finish the program? 

A: Sometimes things happen. With a doctors note, you will be prorated from the day you got injured.

Q: Cancel Policy? 

A: Once you purchase the program you will not be allowed to cancel. If you decide to not do the race, the classes will still be added to your account so you could still go to the studios.